Message in a Balloon: How to Ask Your Wedding Party


I wanted to ask my wedding party in a creative way. I searched different ideas from all different levels. There are so many great ideas! I came across this idea and thought it was so easy and fun!

Message in a Bottle Message in a Balloon


Directions: Print out invites for each person. click this link to access the printable document.  Cut each invite into strips and roll around a pen. Put a balloon over the end of the funnel. Fill balloon with confetti and stick the rolled up paper through the funnel. Blow up the balloon up to fit the box. Tie ribbon around balloon. Create tags to tie to the other end of ribbon. Mine said “He popped the question. Now it is your turn to pop this!“.  Tie a safety-pin onto string. Enjoy as your watch each of your wedding party pop their balloons! 🙂


  • pack of 6 small boxes $3.99
    • I found mine at Michael’s craft store in the baking aisle
  • pack of 15 balloons $2.99
  • confetti $3.99
  • funnel $1
  • pack of safety-pin $1
  • cardstock $1
  • ribbon $1
  • felt tip pen $1
  • wasabi tape $1 (just for decoration on tag)
    • I found mine at the dollar store.
  • scissors
  • Printable Invites on printer paper


Happy Crafting, Melanie.


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