A Teacher’s Prayer

Photo Credit: Adrianna Joy Photography


I first drafted this blog at the beginning of a new school year. That is when I begun my last step of college and student teaching. Every morning I prayed this prayer on my drive to work. As I approach the last month of school I have a new role, a substitute teacher. This prayer is still on my focus because honestly I have no idea what my class will need that day but the awesome thing is that the Lord knows!



My students are your children. You know them by name. 

Enable me to be aware of each of their needs. 

Help me to be exactly what they need each day.

If they need extra love, may I love them like you love them.

If they need discipline, may I give them correction.

If they need forgiveness, may I be forgiving.

If they need to be encouraged, may I encourage them. 

If they need to explore, may I give them time to discover.

If they need to be nurtured, may I be like their mother.

I do not know what each of my students need but you do.

Help me to see needs and meet them in your strength.

Thank you for allowing me to take care of your children.  



 In Christ, Melanie


Dollar Tree Crafts: Chalkboard Meal Plan

This project began when I was searching the internet to buy a meal planning board. They varied in price from 20-30$. I am extremely cheap so I could not justify spending this much. One day while shopping at Dollar Tree I stumbled upon tiny chalkboards. In that moment this idea was born.

Total Cost of Project: $10

Supplies not pictured: -1 Measuring Tape -8 Small Command Strips

Supplies you will need are pictured below: (All found at the Dollar Store)


Step 1: Super Glue two magnets on each chalk boardDSC_0315

Step 2: Put two command strips on top corners


Step 3: Measure and plan out the space


Step 4: Meal plan and write ideas on index cards


Disclaimer: I did not add the days of the week because I liked the simplicity. However, you could add the days of the week by adding a sticker or writing on the chalkboard. I just go left to right for the days of the week.


-Happy Crafting, Melanie