Dollar Tree Crafts: Chalkboard Meal Plan

This project began when I was searching the internet to buy a meal planning board. They varied in price from 20-30$. I am extremely cheap so I could not justify spending this much. One day while shopping at Dollar Tree I stumbled upon tiny chalkboards. In that moment this idea was born.

Total Cost of Project: $10

Supplies not pictured: -1 Measuring Tape -8 Small Command Strips

Supplies you will need are pictured below: (All found at the Dollar Store)


Step 1: Super Glue two magnets on each chalk boardDSC_0315

Step 2: Put two command strips on top corners


Step 3: Measure and plan out the space


Step 4: Meal plan and write ideas on index cards


Disclaimer: I did not add the days of the week because I liked the simplicity. However, you could add the days of the week by adding a sticker or writing on the chalkboard. I just go left to right for the days of the week.


-Happy Crafting, Melanie


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