Background Story


Hi there! I am Melanie. I am a child of God, a follower of Christ, a student, a future teacher, a nanny, a fitness guru, a music listener, a coffee consumer, a baker, a dreamer, a nature lover, a sister, a daughter and a friend.

For years I have talked, dreamed and joked about starting a blog. Within the last month something switch. Rather than thinking, “I have no time. No one will read it.”. I began to think, “Why not? I am not getting any less busy. I am always journaling, creating and dreaming so why not just publish it!” In some ways this blog is more for me to express myself but in other ways I hope just one person will be inspired by what they see here at rhythmofHisgrace. Take a look around you may find anything from biblical inspiration, teaching techniques, crafts, recipes or wellness posts. It truly will be a holistic blog.



The name came pretty naturally. Throughout my time seeking God I have been digging deeper into the meaning of grace. Grace is so contradictory to everything else around me. My natural desire is to strive and attempt to earn my way to perfection but I fail. In my failure I drown in His grace. He does not call me into the rhythm of perfection but rather the rhythm of His grace. That is enough to give Him praise the rest of my days! His grace is what saved me at first and His grace is what I will keep living in. Throughout this life, all I need to do is rest while keeping in step with the rhythm of His grace. I encourage each person to stop striving and rest in the grace our God offers every person.










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